Eight Reasons That Can Make Your Teeth Yellow

Published: 24th August 2010
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Among the business world, the business card is an indispensible part. In the eyes of the experts of etiquette, the teeth are a business card to women. If her teeth are tidy, white and clean tone, you must be an accomplished lady. The yellow teeth will make a not-so-good impression.

Some habits in daily life may make the teeth yellow. Here are some reasons.

Calcium deficiency
Teeth are an important part of bones. When too much calcium loss from our body, the rigidity of teeth will reduce and people will absorb more foods, which caused pigmentation teeth yellow. So you regularly taking calcium and vitamin D and synthesis of high quality calcium help the body. In addition, don't forget, to the outskirts of the sun will enable the teeth to absorb more calcium!

Drink mineral water
Fluoride can increase tooth enamel and make the teeth stronger, but on the other hand it can enable the tooth gradually turn yellow. The mineral water contains a large amount of fluorine. If you drink too much, you’d probably get the white teeth tarnished! Experts propose that every person should at least drink 1000 milliliters of water, among which do not intake mineral water more than 300 millilitres. And then drink the other 700 millilitres pure water or boiled water.

Toothbrush is too hard
The hard toothbrush can cleanse better than the soft toothbrush. But the hard part on tooth wears more frequent use of damaged surface of tooth enamel and pigmentation. Therefore suggest that you prepare hard and soft two toothbrushes, every 3 days for the hard part, on Dental Plaque carry out thorough cleansing.

Drink too much tea
There is a lot of polyphenols oxide. If you drink too much tea, the teeth will turn yellow. Studies show that tea contains polyphenols oxide highest. Furthermore, boil the tea longer, oxides the role of the lower, in order to ensure he has white teeth; you may be appropriately extended the time for boil!

Components of the Cola - Cola is the syrup and carbon dioxide gas and drink too much will make sugar on Tooth Surface and its color or black. The study found that if you drink 1 liter a day - cola, two years after the surface of tooth enamel will be acid corrosion half. Among the carbonated beverages, cola will cause much injury.

Wash the teeth too often
The World Health Organization experts suggest that if you take the usual attention to the teeth cleaning, most people taking the teeth services once every year is enough. If you smoking too often, you might need to take the teeth services 2 - 3 times a year. Experts pointed out that the Teeth cleaning his teeth will increase, allergies, food and easy on teeth color.

Eating curry
According to the American Dental Association recently released " tooth staining list ", the major components of curry is curcumin, which is over nicotine, ranked first in the list. It affects the color of teeth most. The study indicated that, dyeing effect of curcumin on tooth almost irreversible. If you really like the feeling of spicy hot, We recommend that you select dyeing forcing the weakest green curry to avoid forcing strong red curry and yellow curry!

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