Every Woman Needs the Me Time to Relax and Escape from Pressure (1)

Published: 09th December 2010
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Many women are under a lot of pressure in balancing their work and family. They are just as busy as a bee in working, housework, or in socializing. But no matter you are a lady who is a professional woman or a housewife, and no matter you are doing everything well or overwhelmed by the trifles, you need a "Me Time" for yourself to relax and refresh yourself.

Whatís the "Me time"? Itís a time that you take just for yourself, which also mean an "alone time" for yourself. In the society, many people feel that they tend to give more time to others while they are being their social roles of parent, worker, or spouse, so they have little time left over to themselves. Then the Me Time is to give us some time to spend or doing something that we like but seldom have time for in our daily life.

How to decide whether you need such a "Me Time"? Then, try to find your answers to these questions. Are you always busy with your work or housework that you almost lost in it? Do you feel tired all day long, but you canít have a good sleep at night? Are you in a chaotic lifestyle? Or are you a person who relies on other more or too much responsibility?

As a working woman, your life every day is just fast-paced. All their focuses are in their work, and live a rough-and-tumble life. They donít have time to eat breakfast in the morning, get fast food at noon, then a meeting in the afternoon last too long that they have to work overtime, so the dinner is left out or delay as a night snack. But all these will make their physical in bad condition.

Because they are too busy, most ladies can only sleep for 5 to 6 hours a day. Before going to bed, they read the inspirational books or books about economics and management. Most of working women stay up late at night, but even when they sleep, they cannot sleep well because of stress, which make them tired in daytime. But it will make you feel bad and cannot do things well.

Or some people just donít know how to say "NO" to others. They are so nice that they do their best to help others. They are pacifists that want to satisfy everybody, and donít want let anyone down. Superficially, they help others, but actually they are motivated by being needed and the feeling of satisfaction and achievement. They rely on other people's needs, and realize their value in born for helping others. But the problem is that you are not a god. You cannot satisfy everybody if you are not entirely willing to. In most time you have to satisfy yourself first.

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